Why TechJobBoard?

Why TechJobBoard?

Why does TechJobBoard exist and how does it help solve the Matching Problem?

By TJB Staff

November 21st, 2022

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The Matching Problem

In today's world of ever-shifting markets and higher levels of economic uncertainty, both employers and job-seeking individuals are looking to stay informed as to the options that are available to them. The high-level process of job-seeking and hiring is ultimately a task of fuzzy matching, or match-making between two parties with some or all of the fit required for a given role.

For the employer, attracting qualified candidates who eventually become valuable employees that make an impact at your company is a matter of finding the right talent, at the right cost, as fast as possible — from the moment you have headcount and hit publish on your job post, you are losing money, time, and productivity, while bearing the burden and pains brought by not having the support of quality employees when you need them. More often than not, the best candidates have competing interest and efforts that should be spent winning them over ends up going to unqualified candidates who occupy too much of your valuable time.

For the job-seeking individual, you are making a big decision on how to spend one-third of your waking hours — what to work on, with whom to work, and for what purpose. This journey is commonly referred to as the job search. Ultimately, a job search is about search and discovery — it's about having conversations, reading job requisitions, filling out applications, and preparing and undergoing many interviews. Referrals can help tremendously and shorten these tasks significantly, but for vast majority of job-seeking individuals, it comes down to volume — it's a numbers game. Since more numbers means more time and energy, job-seekers need a way to reduce up the time it takes to discover opportunities and see what's out there.

This creates a need for a solution that both enables the fastest time-to-discovery possible for the job-seeker, while ensuring that sourced candidates are undoubtedly worth the time and investment required to make the hire.

This is why TechJobBoard exists.

The TechJobBoard Project

We are firm believers in rapid exploration and iteration, and the main goal of the TechJobBoard project is to tighten the feedback loop for the job-seeker along their job discovery and engagement journey. We aim to connect individuals to the right jobs within the tech industry's top companies as fast as possible. Our vision is to enable job-seekers to search, discover, and qualify companies just as rigorously as hiring managers and HR departments seek to qualify promising candidates for their recruiting pipelines.

The TechJobBoard job search and discovery experience is the fastest way for a job-seeker to search and filter open jobs within a curated selection of high-growth tech companies, including remote and in-office roles from across the entire world. We offer lightning-fast search into thousands of open positions ranging from entry-level contributor to C-Suite executive, and we offer our users added specificity with a personalized search experience. Searches can be made based on job title, company, location, department, and keywords extracted from the smaller, yet important details of a given role such as working policies, equity compensation, or technology stack.

For employers, our roadmap includes features to ensure candidates are informed to the likelihood of a successful interview and hire at your company, as our north star vision is to consistently provide high-signal candidates that qualify for your open roles and make a positive impact at your company.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for improvements to our job search and discovery experience, and feedback or suggestions for improvement are not just welcome but highly-desirable. Good luck and happy hunting!

-TJB Staff


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